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In consideration for the acceptance of this application for entry to the Social/Destination Run by Fleet Feet Sports, I hereby acknowledge that Fleet Feet Sports, Fleet Feet Sports of San Antonio, Mizuno, their employees, officers, directors, shareholders, agents, representatives, volunteers and sponsors cannot assure my safety during participation in this Social/Destination Run. I recognize that participation in the Social/Destination Run exposes me to risks including, but not limited to, running related injury, traffic and the detrimental effects of heat and pollution. Applicant acknowledges that his/her participation in this Social/Destination Run is entirely voluntary and hereby assumes all responsibility for personal injury. Applicant further represents and warrants, to the best of his or her knowledge, Applicant is in good health and physical condition, and is able to engage in running/walking without any health or physical concern to his or her well-being. I recognize that partaking in consumption of alcoholic beverage is at one's own risk and is only for those of legal age. I agree to partake in responsible consumption and have a designated driver if I do consume.

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