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The SPRING STRAVA® SERIES is a brand new program we're rolling out for you guys this season! It's the first time we're using a virtual element and we're super excited to integrate this type of tech into our programs. STRAVA is an online running app where you can track your workouts, race specified courses, follow your friends and bring a social component to your workouts. We will using this app to provide virtual races every 2-3 weeks and will end in 13 weeks with the big one! Your fastest 5K, 10K or 1/2 Marathon will be the goal and will put you in the swag game if you do well Yes, prizes!!!! 

PRO Bundle: VO2 testEMG Biomechanics, Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $350]
ULTIMATE Bundle: VO2 test, Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $250]
BASIC Bundle: Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $150]

Simply answered, YES. This program is for the individual looking for running and workout structure, a science-based program designed by our in-house Exercise Physiologist, a group to run with, cool prizes from our Virtual Races on STRAVA, and bragging rights as you crush our courses. 

Levels: All abilities welcome  
Distances: 5k, 10k, 13.1
Two Group workouts: Saturday, 7am group run we will meet at Quarry Store and Wednesday, 7pm speed/strength/fitness workouts, location TBD.  (1st Sat. of each month we will meet at Whole Foods in the Vineyard, 18403 Blanco Rd)
When: Jan 21st - April 22nd (13 weeks)
Distance Ability: 5K no requirements / 10K you need to be able to run 3 miles / 13.1 you need to be able to run 5 miles 

Possible Goal Races: Alamo Run Fest (13.1,10k,5k), Carnival of Venice (13.1), RAGNAR Relay (team relay)

We are offering bundles of goodness this time around so you can have everything you've ever dreamed of. Choose a bundle below and start jumping up and down in excitement! Use links below to Register today!


PRO BundleVO2 test, EMG Biomechanics, Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $350]
ULTIMATE BundleVO2 test, Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $250]
BASIC Bundle: Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $150]

Specifics to our Bundles
EMG Biomechanical Evaluation  $100 value

Better movement equates to better running. Evaluate your movement patterns using the latest surface electromyography techniques and find out what’s firing and what’s not. Receive coaching on how to improve your running economy that will lead to running faster and staying injury free.

VO2 Testing  $150 value
Dial in ideal heart rate training zones based on your individual physiology. Relying on formulas to find training zones leaves you susceptible to training too hard, not hard enough, and/or fitness plateaus. Personalized heart rate zones mean you get the absolute most out of every workout, improve your ability to burn fat, and don’t burn out before your key race.

Milestone Pod  $24.95 value
The Milestone Pod is a simple and accurate tracking device for runners and walkers of all levels. No buttons, no hassle. Just clip and go. Sync your Pod to the MilestonePod App to view in-depth performance and gait data. The more you know, the more efficient runner you can be. Use the MilestonePod as your portable run lab + shoe odometer. Select the right footwear for your stride and replace them at just the right time.

PRO BundleVO2 testEMG Biomechanics, Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $350]

ULTIMATE BundleVO2 test, Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $250]
BASIC Bundle: Training Plan, Milestone Pod [cost $150]


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