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We believe that running is for everyone, whether you're trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon for the fifth time or you're trying to finish your first 5K, we have a program for you.

The Fleet Feet Running Club:  We take extreme pride in helping others reach their goals through fun, organized, and professionally coached training programs.  Over the last 20 years we have successfully trained thousands of people to achieve their personal fitness goals.  We believe we have the best coaches and resources around to help you reach your personal training goals.  When you train with Fleet Feet Sports you become part of our family and you're looked after by people who are truly invested in your success, safety and enjoyment.  Our approach to training is special to us and we think you'll appreciate it too.  Click the link below to read about our approach to every one of our training programs.

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Find Yourself 5k @ Woodlawn Lake More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, January 20th, 2018
Program Schedule: Wednesdays 7PM Strength training and yoga, Saturday 7:30am Intervals of forward movement/conditioning. Both workouts will be held @ Woodlawn Lake
Goal Race: The HEB Alamo Run Fest 5k April 15th, 2018
Program Fee: $100
Description: Ready to get moving? Not sure how or where to begin? This program is built for you! The aim of our Find Yourself 5k program is to introduce the foundations of fitness and wellness into the lives of those who don't know where to begin but have the desire to take the necessary steps to start living a healthier lifestyle.
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No Boundaries 5K /10k @ The Quarry More Info »

Program Start: January 20th, 2018
Program Schedule: Wednesdays at 7PM and Saturday mornings 7AM (Quarry)
Goal Race: HEB Alamo Run Fest April 14th & 15th
Program Fee: $100
Description: No Boundaries is perfect if you are looking to finish your first 5K/10k, or if you are coming back from an extended break from running. Participants will be grouped by pace and assigned a mentor that will guide you using prescribed run/walk intervals. Your mentor will be there to provide inspiration, guidance and FUN to ensure successful completion of the program, without injury. No Boundaries is the perfect program to help beginners get started safely to improve fitness, develop a strong cardiovascular base and achieve your goals! We not only help you build your strength and endurance, but your confidence and knowledge to continue this healthier lifestyle and new hobby. *This 12 week program will take you from the couch to the finish line! *Group workouts twice per week *Wednesday evenings 7pm @ Alamo Heights Jr Track *Saturday mornings 7am @ Fleet Feet Sports Quarry *Nutrition and hydration samples *10% discount on in store purchases
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Breaking Boundaries 5k/10k & 13.1 Training @ The Rim More Info »

Program Start: January 20, 2018
Program Schedule: Wednesdays at 6:45PM Brandeis High School Track and Saturday mornings 7AM Valero Trailhead 1604 & IH10
Goal Race: HEB Alamo Run Fest April 15th, 2018
Program Fee: $100
Description: We believe running is for everybody. Doing a 5K is fun, and sometimes you want to go even further. So even if you have never run before or are a veteran of the 5K distance and looking to go on to 10k or half marathon, Breaking Boundaries is the program for you. You will be with other like minded runners with similar goals and fitness levels in a safe and inclusive environment. You will build distance, improve your stamina and have fun along the way. If you are looking to finish your first 5K, improve your time or just work on improving your overall fitness, this is the perfect program for you!
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Fast Times with Fleet Feet Northwest More Info »

Program Start: Saturday, January 20th @ 7am
Program Schedule: Saturdays at 7AM & Wednesdays at 6:45PM
Goal Race: HEB Alamo Run Fest April 15th
Program Fee: $100
Description: Training Details: This group is dedicated to people who have already had experience training for a 5k, 10k or half marathon. The main goal of this 12 week program is to get you to the finish line FASTER or help you go FURTHER! Goal race is HEB Alamo Run Fest April 14th and 15th. Two group workouts per week, Wednesday evenings 6:45pm @ Brandeis High School for speed work, Saturday mornings 7am long run @ Valero Trailhead (1604/IH10). Enjoy a 10% discount on your in store purchases to get you race ready!
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Alamo Run Fest Half-Marathon Training @ The Quarry More Info »

Program Start: Saturday January 20st at 7am
Program Schedule: Saturday, 7am group run we will meet at Quarry Store and Wednesday, 7pm speed/strength/fitness workouts, Alamo Heights Jr Track
Goal Race: The Alamo Run Fest HEB Half-Marathon
Program Fee: $100
Description: This group is designed for those running the 2018 Alamo Run Fest HEB Alamo Half-marathon. Whether your goal is to complete it, get a personal best, or to win your age group, this training program will set you up to perform your best on April 15th.
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Trailheads: Beginner Trail Running More Info »

Program Start: January 27th, 2018
Program Schedule: Wednesdays at 7PM Alamo Heights Jr Track and Saturday mornings 7AM (various trails in San Antonio)
Goal Race: Special graduation event April 22nd, 2018
Program Fee: $100
Description: Join us for an amazing off-road adventure. Let our trail experts guide you in choosing ideal gear and incorporating proper nutrition for your dirt foray. For the runner ready for a change of scenery and ready to get off road! We will help you become knowledgeable in the art of dirt navigation. We will be working up to distances of 5k and 10k.
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